Château Andron


Château Andron

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  • Address :
    Château Andron
    25 route du Moulin Gauchant
    33340 - CIVRAC EN MEDOC
  • Phone : 0556418729
  • Fax : 0967098729
  • Email : chateauandron [at]

Château Andron is a family estate located in the Médoc, in the commune of Civrac in the Médoc, where it enjoys a temperate microclimate thanks to the proximity of the Gironde estuary and the Atlantic Ocean, reducing the risk of frost and favourable to vine development.
The history of Château Andron is ancient since it already appears as a mill on the map of Cassini which levees took place between 1762 and 1778 and which was drawn between 1789 and 1815. It is then still called Moulin Gauchant, taking its name from a windmill located on the property and which wings turned to the left. The owners understood that the mill turned better with the west winds. On their land, they practiced mixed farming.
Each of the later crises that lives the property - the phylloxera crisis, the First World War, the recession of the 1930s and the Second World War - hit it a little harder and it ended up being abandoned in the 1950s.
Christiane Bernard-Desalmand returned to her ancestors' estate with her husband Jorge Castells in 1961, with the aim of rebuilding it. Many years of hard work enabled them to extend the vineyard to 12 hectares and give back a soul to the property.
Until 1986, the château brought its grapes to the wine cooperative of Prignac. In this year are undertaken important works of construction of a wine cellar and a barrel cellar. The first vintage vinified in the château's cellars was 1987.
In 1996, while Jean-François Desalmand and José Castells had meanwhile joined their parents, the owners of Château Moulin Gauchant bought the vineyard of Château Andron, which was also already on the map of Cassini and which had been classified Cru Bourgeois in 1932. The entire vineyard of Château du Moulin Gauchant was increased to 30 hectares. On this occasion, it changed its name to Château Andron. In 2003 a modern vatting room with stainless steel vats was built.
Jean-François Desalmand and José Castells continue to pursue the work of their ancestors in a spirit in accordance with the long family tradition while relying on modern techniques to constantly improve the quality of their wines. The complementarity and know-how of the two brothers allow them to cultivate grapes suited to their terroir in order to express the best and bring them to good maturity before making a great Médoc wine thanks to well-controlled vinification.
The two brothers increased the vineyard area to 44 hectares. Each year, the Château continues its challenge to reduce its impact on the environment. In 2017, Château Andron was classified as a Cru Artisan.

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  • Soils and basements : clayey limestones, marls, sands and silts with gravels and pebbles, Saint Estèphe limestone
  • Grape varieties :
    68 % Merlot
    27 % Cabernet Sauvignon
    5 % Petit Verdot
  • Average production : 250000 bottles
  • Surface in production : 44 hectares / 109 acres
  • Average age of the vineyard : 17 years


  • Harvest : mechanical harvesting with our own harvesting machine
  • Duration of fermentation : 24 days
  • Raising : matured for 8 to 18 months in stainless steel vats on steves with micro-oxygenation


  • Type of sale : bulk returned bottled at the château, bottled
  • Marketing : trading France and private individuals
  • Export : Great Britain, Russia