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Chateau Micalet

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    Chateau Micalet
    Damien & Dominique FEDIEU
    33460 - Cussac Fort Médoc

The first time the Micalet vintage was mentioned was in the 6th edition " dating from 1893 " of « Bordeaux et ses vins » written by Edouard Féret. It was then recorded as a "Cru artisan" crafty vintage. Its owner indeed, Jean Péraud, was a pastry maker but also a farmer in his spare time on the family estate, consisting mostly in vineyards, extending over the village of Lamarque. The quality of the Micalet vintage was already well-known at the time, as it was awarded in 1990 the medal of honor of the City of Paris for the 1887 to 1899 Micalet vintage years. Jean Péraud's daughter, Madeleine, who was married to Mr Guiet, handed over the property's ownership to Denis Fédieu in 1972, namely 2 hectares of vines and 1 hectare of land. Anne-Marie and Denis Fédieu, thanks to a succession of exchanges, purchases, new planting, re-structured the vineyard. From the 1986 harvest on, wine-growing is carried out in the village of Cussac-Fort-Médoc.

With respect to the Médoc tradition and the ecology of the terroir, the Fédieu family uses no chemical weed killers for the soils, but adopts ways of growing the vines in harmony with nature. Their whole wines are thus grown organically. Château Micalet is a family-run estate, gathering the efforts of parents and sons, Damien since 1996 and Dominique since 2007, in order to offer " a good wine spreading the joy in a man's heart. "

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  • Soils and basements : gravely soils
  • Grape varieties :
    70 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 25 % Merlots, 5 % Petits Verdots
  • Average production : 30000
  • Surface in production : 7 hectares
  • Average age of the vineyard : 30


  • Harvest : handpicking
  • Duration of fermentation : 21 to 28 days
  • Raising : stainless steel tank during 6 months and one year in barrels (33% of new french oak each year)


  • Type of sale : bottles 750 ml and magnum